In-Balance Reflexology & Holistics​

Reframing The Mind Body Connection

Hypnoreflexology was born out of a desire to do more for my clients.

Every physical issue has an emotion effect on us and conversley every emotional issue has a 

physical effect.

For example stress can cause body pain, skin problems, grey hair and medical conditions can cause feelings of sadness, depression and fear.

Being able to treat the emotional and the physical at the same time allows for a more holistic approach with better outcomes for the client.

The amazing part of this therapy is that as the therpaist I do not have to dive into the issue my client need help with.  There is no need for my client to re-live emotional trauma or dig up unwanted feelings and emotional issues from the past because I use Content Free Hypnotherapy.

What is Content Free Hypnotherapy?

With content free hypnotherapy there is no need for you, the client, to talk about the issues, feelings or emotions. 

It  allows you to have access to your own subconscious/instinctive mind and you are able to identify the reasons why your subconscious is responding in such a way that it is producing undesirable

 or negative symptoms. 

It is then possible for you to change your responses , should you wish to, leading to a resolution of the issue and all resulting symptoms. 

From a client perspective this is a much more natural form of Hypnosis and they reach a deep level of relaxation, often much quicker, probably due as ther brain responds to both touch and suggestion.

Hypnoreflexology has proved to be effective in helping clients with 





Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue




 and many more issues. 

Easch session is tailored to the client on the day of treatment  

Treatment Costs & Packages

Hypnoreflexology requires a minimum of 3 sessions which must be booked and paid for prior to the first session.

Free 30 minute Consultation  (face to face, telephone or Zoom)     


Three Treatment Package       £165

Additional Sessions (after initial 3)  £50

Restful Night Insomnia Programme  £185   

this includes 3or 4 sessions of hypnoreflexlogy, a sleep journal, a personalised audio track for home use and a restful night gift pack.