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Reflexology is a non-invasive, holistic therapy that works alongside conventional medical care, helping to rebalance your body to achieve healing and wellbeing in a relaxing, rejuvenating and therapeutic way. Releasing tension often brought on by stressful situations, restoring energy levels, and improving sleep, helping you to feel emotionally and physically stronger.


By applying pressure to reflexes on the feet with thumbs and fingers, a trained Clinical Reflexologist is able to detect any imbalances which may be as a result of stress, illness or injury working these reflexes in a very specific way to initiate a beneficial response in a corresponding area of the body.

All the systems of the body are worked on the feet, musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine, nervous, and lymphatic.


Everyone can benefit from Reflexology, it is a wonderful, therapeutic treatment for all ages from babies through to adults. Whether you are suffering from stress brought on by work, home life, just being too busy, bereavement or trauma, or need help with recovery and rehabilitation following an injury, treatment or surgery, we will work with you to restore balance to the body and effectively manage symptoms.

RLD - Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage

RLD or Reflexology Lymph Drainage was developed through clinical procatice using reflexology on breast cancer patients to help manage the symptoms of secondary lymphodema which develops in roughly 20% of cases. 

 Lymphoedema develops when the lymphatic system is damaged so  this precision treatment works to stimultes the lymphatic system encouraging excess lymph to drain away from the damaged area and to the nearest uncompromised drainage area.

The lymphatic system is mainly responsible for removing excess fluid from the body, transporting white blood cells around the body to fight infection and also for removing waste and toxins from the body. 

Any in balance in this system can have a detrimental effect on all parts of the body. With this in mind RLD has been shown through clincal trials and case studies to also be effective in managing the symptoms of other inflammatory and auto imune conditions such as:

Lipoedema, CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatiod Arthritis, Migraine, IBS, Chron’s Disease, Psorasis, Eczema, Hayfever as well as promoting faster post operative recovery.

Some Amazing results have already been seen in clients with:

Lipoedema, Fibromyalgia/CFS/ME, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migrane, Post Surgical Recovery, Stress & Insomnia.


 RLD was developed through clinical practice while working in cancer care outpatient clinics, using reflexology for patients suffering from all kinds of cancers at all stages of the disease. Many of the patients had been treated for breast cancer and consequently suffered secondary lymphoedema. Research suggests that survivors with lymphoedema are more likely to suffer psychological and emotional difficulties, be more disabled, and experience a poorer quality of life than survivors without the condition.

Improved breast cancer survival rates suggest that approximately 2:3 women survive the disease beyond 20 years. This means that more people are living longer with this debilitating side effect for which there is currently no cure Lymphatic drainage massage (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is used to treat conditions other than lymphoedema, and RLD may be used similarly.

Through case studies and clinical trial RLD has been shown to be effective in managing the symptoms of:

Arthritis   Asthma   Eczema

Chronic fatigue   Fibromyalgia   ME

Sinus problems   Migraines   Headaches

Muscular tension   Aches and pains

Premenstrual Syndrome    Insomnia

Its also promotoes faster Post Operative Recovery.

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Treatment Prices


1st Session With Consultation    £40

Further Sessions    £37

Reflexology Lymph Drainage 

1st Session With Consultation  up to 90 mins  £40

Further Sessions   £37